Under where?

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Hey all you big cocked, trans gender, transvestites and sissy boys, who need a place to shop for their men’s bras and panties without ridicule or embarrassment…. Have I got something for you.

I found a site called Glamour Boutique and amongst many, many other fine products, they offer a great line of panties and bras for men.

Perhaps your just a well hung dude that likes to get freaky and slide that huge dong into a snug pair of panties. Your girlfriend gets off on it? Perhaps she might if you did.

They have a full line panties and bras for every dude. Ruffled, pettipants, bikini, lace, thong, sheer, brief and many, many more to choose from.

They also have a nice line of bras to support your big man-titties.

Think outside of the box and get yourself a new sexy outfit to flaunt the good to your lover.
My fat cock is raging, just thinking about it. Think I’ll put on a pair of my satin panties and head on over to my girlfriend’s house for a night kinky fucking and role play.

Perhaps you should head on over to the Glamour Boutique and shop for a little something for yourself. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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